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Moby is for everyone

MOBY and MOBY Islamic are both the latest and hottest Buy Now, Pay Later application where you get to shop with up to RM10,000.00 credit limit*. Easy and fast payments that even saves you money whenever you want to use it.

Discover a world of possibilities with MOBY ISLAMIC

Formerly known as AiraPay. With MOBY Islamic, all payments are sure to be Shariah Compliant with many halal products to choose from. So, shop worry-free as but now , pay later is indeed a new possibility!

We’re Shariah Compliant

We are guided by Masyref Advisory to ensure we comply by Shariah rulings. We also have a strict merchant onboarding process to ensure their services are certified Halal.

0% Interest Instalment Based On The Qard Contract

Just pay us back what you paid for with no extra fees involved!

It’s For Everyone!

MOBY Islamic is for all Malaysians and is not confined to any race or religion.

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