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Provide lower prices with full profits.

Merchant Perks

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How to Apply

1. Merchant Signs Up

Merchant starts by signing up for Buy Now Pay Later

2. Email Notification

Merchant receives email upon sign up, which will guide them to their account activation.

3. Activate Account

Merchant activates their account by logging in for the first time with their verified email or mobile number.

4. Login and Set New Password

Merchants will log in after confirming their identity and personal/company details. After that they create a password.

Let’s discuss what we can achieve together.

We believe that you should enjoy running your business without the hassle of managing and reconciling collections.

Discover Success Stories

I have seen my sales increase by introducing BNPL, especially Moby Islamic. It really works.
Business Owner
I use to wait till the end of the week to actually sit down and find out how much I actually made. Nowadays with Moby, I am always on my phone refreshing it just to see my sales numbers grow on a real time basis. Love it!
Business Owner
Choosing Moby was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. They’ve made it so much easier for me to navigate my collections from all the different sources, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Business Owner
Nak collect wang dari eWallet, Credit Card, bank transfer dan cash memang messy masa nak buat accounts. Saya guna Moby dan buat life simple je nak uruskan bisnes. Memang abang galakkan peniaga lain pasti gunakan Moby.
Business owner

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